About Leslie Boyd

Owner and director of Inuit Fine Art, Port Hope.

Leslie Boyd and Family

Leslie Boyd (Second from right) and family at the grand opening of Inuit Fine Art Gallery in Port Hope.

Inuit art has been my life’s work.

I am frequently asked by visitors to the gallery why I decided to open this gallery in Port Hope? The first answer is that Inuit art has been my life’s work. I travelled to Cape Dorset in 1980 to take a summer job working for the West Baffin Co-operative – a decision that would direct the course of my life for the next 35 years. I lived in Cape Dorset for many of those years, and then back and forth from Toronto where I eventually took on the role of director of the Co-operative’s marketing office and showroom, Dorset Fine Arts. In the past five years, I have been a freelance curator and writer, and I am now the owner and director of Inuit Fine Art in Port Hope – a natural next step in my career devoted to Inuit art.

The second reason is that I have deep roots in Northumberland County. My parents moved here in 1975 and I took my final year of high school in Port Hope before heading off to University. Port Hope, Cobourg and the surrounding countryside were home base for the next thirty years. In 2006, I bought a house in Millbrook, Ontario which we used as a weekend retreat. Two years ago, I moved to Millbrook full time with my husband, Geoffrey Butler, a professional classical musician. The inspiration for the gallery came on a sunny, summer day while having lunch in the lovely town of Port Hope overlooking the Ganaraska River. The venture brings the art of Canada’s far north to eastern Ontario for the first time, and two of my favourite places – Cape Dorset and Northumberland County – together in this unique and inviting space.

Inuit Fine Art gallery represents the work of the older generations and the new, in styles that range from the traditional to the contemporary.

Covid 19 Update

Inuit Fine Art Gallery will be closed until further notice.
In the meantime we can continue to connect on Instagram and Facebook.